Trained at the "Compagnons du Devoir" in cabinetmaking, TAV designs collectible furniture from their workshop in France, collaborating with exceptional craftsmanship in artistic cabinetmaking, fine metalwork, and even jewelry to bring their creations to life.

The TAV collection offers limited series of original and symbolic artworks with sleek lines, intended for galleries and architects. The creator's focus lies in achieving harmony between materials. TAV combines noble materials such as solid brass, precious wood, glass, and even gemstones, using both ancient artisanal techniques and more innovative ones.

Driven by a profound respect for the world that surrounds him, TAV draws inspiration from the materials themselves and the exceptional talent of the artisans who shape them. He aims to showcase their unique craftsmanship. Tradition, sacred architecture, mathematics, and nature are integral parts of his creative process.

With the Origine pedestal table, TAV marks the launch of their collection.